Spring Has Sprung!

It's here!...well, most days it seems like it is.  The...birds chirping, fresh breezes thru the windows and sunshine on our faces...springtime!!  After what has been in many areas...a very long winter...spring brings such a breath of renewal with the warmer temps.

For many, spring is a time to start fresh.  When it comes to our wardrobes, few of us could ever throw out our entire wardrobe and completely start fresh.  However, there are ways to "freshen" up your spring/summer wardrobe.  Do you like to follow new trends?....or do you have a unique style that is all your own?  Either way, you can choose one new statement piece for the season....preferably one that will go with accent pieces you already have.  For example...a new lovely sundress or a pair of capris is a colour that is out of your comfort zone. The idea would be that you'd have a lightweight sweater, or a fun hat that would work with the new piece.  Or reverse, take a couple of classic statement pieces you already have, and add some fun accent pieces....like a belt or shrug.  Adding a fun new pair of flats or sandals for the season will also add some fresh to your look.

When it comes to your jewelry, you can work on a similar premise.  Add one statement piece to your wardrobe.  A piece that will bring a bit of buzz (and I don't mean from bees) to your spring/summer look.  A My String Beadz design that would be a perfect statement or focal piece to add is:Crystal Sea (necklace) or Freeform Peyote (Bracelet).  Another option you have is to add a couple of earrings and/or bracelets to your look.  Earrings tend to be a lower price point and are a quick way to add pops of colour and fun.  Bracelets are similar, but also fun to stack in groups of 3 or more, for some movement on your summer bare arms!  Perfect earrings would be:Strawberry Vines or Bronwyn  and a couple of bracelets would be:Dragonfly or Popcorn!

Whatever you decide...do not be afraid to add some colour.  The warmer days are the perfect time to celebrate with all the colours you'd find in your garden!!